The Caribbean Archipelago of San Andrés
COLOMBIA   15-20 April 2007



Arriving to San Andrés Island.
From international airports in the American Continent  (New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Guatemala, Caracas, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Manaus, Sao Paulo, etc.) you can flight to San Andres airport (ADZ) by Copa Airlines with a stop in Panama. There is an everyday flight from Panama at 10:53 am, arriving at noon to San Andres. There are many other airlines (American Airlines, Delta, Continental, Mexicana, United, Air France, Alitalia, Iberia, etc.) from USA and Europe to Panama international airport.  From mainland Colombia there are many direct flights everyday by Avianca and AeroRepublica to San Andres. Once in San Andres airport you can take a taxi for around $5 USD to the Sunrise Hotel, around 7 minutes trip. The island is a quite safe place, entrance is controlled for foreign and Colombian citizens and the main transport of the inhabitants is motorcycle.


Updated: April 7, 2007